Talking about language we are talking about culture. A language reflects the culture of the nation. Jagat ‘Arsy is a school that has a vision to create the generation who are highly civilized. Thus the importance of culture is emphasized here. To be able to create and build an outstanding world civilization students should be able to master a language that is widely used in international communication. Jagat ‘Arsy is currently requiring the students to continue to improve their foreign language skills, especially English and Arabic.

Isn’t it difficult to learn foreign languages?

Indeed it is. The foreign language we are learning may not  only be our second language but also even the third for us. However, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Here in Jagat ‘Arsy we learn together. Little by little. Those who are better at speaking English or Arabic will gladly help you to improve your competence in either or both.

Let’s learn English and Arabic in a fun environment! How fun is it learning English and Arabic in Jagat ‘Arsy? To know the answer you have to enroll J J We guarantee that you’ll improve your English and Arabic speaking skills since at Jagat ‘Arsy you are encouraged and obliged to speak in English or Arabic.

We’ll see you soon at Jagat ‘Arsy and we are going to spend good time learning together.

Best regards,

Language Committee