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Jagat Cultural Fellowship Programme  2019


Jagat ‘Arsy  fellowship Programme is an exchange cultural programme that aims to provide people all over the world  individually or group from the different field of works, organization  and education  to have wonderful experience of undesrtanding culture, social and education in Indonesia. This programme is conducted by  Jagat ‘Arsy World Civilization Boarding School, located in Nusaloka, BSD, Banten,Indonesia in cooperation with IofC and IESEC Indonesia.  By this programme we togehter build up our strong friendships  base on the values of humanity, equation, brotherhood, peace and tolerance.

What can you do and expect from the Programme?

  1. International seminars, workshops, conferences and other programmes which provide unique opportunities to hear on various participant coming from varied ages, backgrounds, schools and locations.
  2. Leadership Training and trust building to develop students’s leadershipskills and  they learn how to better inspire other.
  3. Class Visit that provides best opportunity to meet, mingle and have interactions with Indonesia students in their class.
  4. Learn Local Culture which will experience you learning  traditional dances or languanges from different local sitizen of Indoneisa
  5. Bule Ke Desa is your time to feel the real traditional community life’s atmosphere which will bring you in to different situation between modern life in the city and traditional life in the village. One of the most wonderful experience in the village is farming rice in paddies.
  6. Jalan-Jalan provides opportunities to meet with village leaders and enjoy some recreation spot in rural Indonesia.

Fellowship Duration

The Duration of fellowship could be at least in two weeks, one months or two months. And  you may select our four batches duration in a year:

  1. July1, 2019 to 30 Agustus 2019
  2. September 1, 2019  to Oktober 31, 2019
  3. November 1,  2019 to  December 31, 2019

For each intake,the application forms might come in at least  6 weeks before the starting date.

Who can Apply?  Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  1. Graduate (Preferable but not essential).
  2. Knowledge of spoken and written English. (TOEFL exam results are not required)
  3. Should be a responsible and reliable self-starter and a cheerful team player. A commitment to live by the Community (Muslim Community as the Major community in Indonesia), respect for authority and maintenance of discipline are essential.
  4. Acceptance of Jagat ‘Arsy standards of Unconditional Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love as values to live by and endeavoring to make a sincere effort to live a life of care and service.
  5. Should be physically fit, in good health with ability for hard work and service.
  6. Be under 40 years of age by Desember 30, 2019;
  7. Be resident nationals or citizens of the following countries; Australia, England, Nathreland, USA,  Finlandia, New zealand, South Korea and Japan
  8. Having skill such as musical, acting, sport, dance and other talents will be an added advantage.


Selection Process

WE will evaluate each application thoroughly and narrow down the pool of applicants. Final selections will be conducted by a distinguished committee. Fellows will be chosen without regard to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background, marital status, or financial need. All submitted application information will be treated as confidential unless stated otherwise in the application. The identities of nominees will also remain confidential throughout the final selection process. Those meeting the above criteria and keen to join, may fill up the application form (doc) attached and email it to fellowship@jagatarsy.sch.id

Duly filled applications (email or physical) should reach us at the latest six weeks before the starting date of that fellowship.

There may be a skype/telephone interview before final selection. Successful candidates will be informed through email.




Fellowship Accommodation coverage

  1. Include; During your program we will cover and provide a). Local transportation including shuttle fee to and from airport, b). Lodging  c). Accomodation like simple Indonesian food and drinks,  ) first aid of health care, e). The reference letter when it is needed.
  2. Exclude; During your program we will not cover cost of Visa, flight ticket, insurance, incidental and personal expenditure and any other personal travel is to be borne by the candidates.



Further information and contact

For any questions please contact to …..or send email to……www.jagatarsy.shc.id


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